Trending models of drapes and curtains.

No matter how beautiful it is, without curtains, a home can seem empty and unfinished. A curtain or a well-chosen set of curtains will dress nice window and also will highlight other elements of the room.

But how do you choose curtains or draperies ideal for home, while specialty stores offer such a varied feel that simply overwhelms you? Today, I will try to portray a little guide you in matters of clothing for windows, I hope, will help in the future when choosing matching curtains.

What curtains behave?
Well, although many expect a concrete answer to this question, things are more complex picut. Even if fashion in drapes and curtains changes from year to year, there is no season to miss collections dedicated to classic or modern styles, for example. It is natural. You can not buy curtains in classic style, it behaves just as though you house furnished in modern style with the little, huh? So are wearing matching curtains of your house.

Like in any other area of ​​the curtains and the things evolve from one season to another. Evolving textures and nuances fabrics, the style of arranging and combining various types of fabrics, accessories used self galleries and fastening systems, rolling and pressing. To choose the right model to truly beautify your window of a room, you need to take into account the following:
– The size and orientation of the room – a room facing north will lack natural light, so it would be indicated to avoid dark curtains;
– The size and height of the room – a room short visual can be built using in print curtains with vertical stripes;
– Decorating style of the room, furniture and other decorative elements – in recent years, is wearing matching curtains and curtains decorations as pads decorative on the couch in the living room, vases for flowers, the bedspread off the bed or lampshades veiozelor on bedside tables in the bedroom ;
– And last but not least, you need to decide if the curtain or drapes will have a purely decorative role or a practical role. In other words you need to know in advance if you want the curtains to obstruct the natural light in the room and will be used only to fit nicely window.
After you study all aspects mentioned above you you will know what texture, size and composition must have your windows garments. You will find that some rooms is sufficient organza curtain or veil, in others it is suitable rather a set of blackout curtains, and for others you will find the most suitable combination of the first two variants.

Types of fabrics to choose from
Next, I will try to classify types of fabric used in the manufacture curtains depending on the style.
1. fabrics for curtains and drapes specific modern style: Polyester, organza, acrylic, cotton, silk or. These types of fabrics are available in both versions unite and decorated with various print, from the most simple and minimalist to the futuristic influences.
2. specific fabrics for curtains and drapes classic style: the veil, organza, silk, taffeta, velvet – simple or, often, prints or embroidery refined sophistication and elegance denoting specific classical style.
Matching modes, grip and production
As mentioned above, from one season to another are more and more choices and ways of fastening curtains. I remember, for example, models tailored in simple cute, cute guy swallow, pleats, stationary etc.
Regarding the mode matching, it must be said that if in the past behaved, usually a set of assorted transparent curtains blackout curtains, cloth cumbersome, today, things have changed. Fashion in allows using the same type of fabric or organza veil, for example, both as drapery and curtain as only difference making her chosen colors.
Longer wear and drapes made of two or more types of fabric and even colors. They can be worn simple or superimposed a curtain of transparent fabric.

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