The new trend in swimming pools. How can you swim right behind your house without spending a fortune

If you like to swim and want to do this in your own garden, we offer you a swimming pool that uses natural cleansing tools, designed around plants that function as filtration systems. This garden in the water is known as a regeneration area, and the concept is the same as a lake.

An important aspect that is important to consider when deciding to arrange a natural pool is the space in your yard. This type of swimming pool is suitable for large yards, as it usually requires the placement of two pools: one for swimming and one for plants. The required number of plants surrounding the pool must be calculated according to the size of the pool and the number of swimmers.


The higher the area for swimming, the space where the flowers are planted must be more generous. The root of aquatic plants (water lily, rush, lily) removes bacteria and other substances that contaminate water. Due to plants, organic substances are absorbed, toxins are neutralized, and oxygen is released into water. Another advantage is that birds, insects and amphibians gather around a natural swimming pool that will turn the area into a true oasis of relaxation.

In such a pool, water is naturally cleansed by plants and animals, so there is no need to use chemicals. That means neither the environment nor the people will suffer. Moreover, due to the “cleaning process”, the water should never be changed.

If the pool works properly, the water will be clear. Algae may appear in the first year after installation, but once plants grow and develop their filtration system better, algae will die and water will be cleaner.

The simplest way to start building the pool is to dig a hole into the ground, but with rounded edges to prevent the earth from collapsing. It is recommended to isolate the soil with concrete, and a layer of about 50 cm of gravel is added over the concrete layer.

A natural pool costs almost as much as a traditional one, but because of the natural filtration system, maintenance costs less for natural swimming pools.

The cost to build such a pool is very low compared to the construction of a traditional pool. You can do it yourself without the help of specialists. You need a space where you can dig a hole and then build it and secure it by various methods, a pool filter and a solar water recirculating system. Surrounding the swimming area itself, an area at least equal to plants essential to oxygenation and filtration of water must be kept.

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