House Exterior Finish

We’ve talked about different front systems, but the element that gives beauty and uniqueness is ultimately a facade exterior finish. There unnamed color combinations or architectural elements that can transform the facade into a true work of art.

The oldest type of finish facade is lime water. It is very easy to spread quite

facade, facade finishing cheap, but it has a low resistance while quite low and range of colors.

The paint made on the basis of silicate is used to decorate and protect new buildings facades, restoration of old buildings, including balance sheets, surface protection that may occur capillary moisture. Silicone-based paints are the newly emerging solutions for finishing facades. Their main advantage is that it can be applied on any surface. Acrylic colors are made of various kinds of polymers and are among the most popular facade paints. They are very durable and offers a huge range of shades. In addition, they are an effective solution in the case of cement walls that are exposed to corrosion.

Decorative plaster is also ideal for coarse penrtu facade and is very easy to spread. As a final look to be a “zgrumturos”, yet pleasant, no need for a specialist. To get the special decorations you need a plaster facade fine granule, which can be modeled.

Plaster facade is divided into several categories. According to composition can be inorganic, silicate, acrylic or silicone. Depending on the size grain, plaster facade is 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm etc. and depending on the type of material, it can be a dry blend, a mixture ready for application, etc.

Special finishes require wooden facades, which, unprotected, will get an unpleasant color and will be attacked by insects. Painting a wooden facades can be made only at positive temperatures and if air humidity is less than 80%. The first step is the perfect cleaning of the facade of dust or cobwebs. Then cover with a special mixture, antiseptic and insect. Only then can apply lacquer or paint. When choosing paint for wooden facade make sure it is resistant to environmental factors and atmospheric changes. Sustainability entire household depends on lake front resistance to sunlight, rain, winds and temperature fluctuations.

Oil based paints for wooden facades are not sufficiently protective, even if at first glance appear to be most suitable for building. Experts say those obtained by combining alkyd oil substances, organic acids and alcohol are among the most effective. By changing the concentration of these components may increase one compound characteristics. For example, if using a larger amount of oil paint dries becomes more elastic and harder. Emulsions are based on polyvinyl acetate or other alkalis are more elastic and offers high protection against fungi typical innsectelor and wooden facades.

If you want to have a truly impenetrable facade you can even call the substances used in industry, but are somewhat more expensive than classical.
Anyway, whatever the facade that is your home, before investing in finishes would be ideal to seek advice from specialists in the field. After all, besides creating entire facade is the aesthetic of the house facade is all that guarantees the sustainability of the entire house and every room of internal environmental health, and thus the health of your family members.

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