Bedroom design trends 2017

The bedroom should be for each of us a place to rest, relax and at the same time intimate room. So you must choose carefully how you arrange but you have to listen and desires. Let’s see what style trends trendy in 2017 for a bedroom suits best.

A zen style bedroom 2017. The watchword of a zen bedroom? A space that is not loaded. So ready with huge lockers next to the bed or libraries that take up too much space. Or even worse – a desktop computer. The design must be here as minimalist. An elegant bed in white or beige, bedside or two darker shades and a nightlight. The furniture must be raw wood.

A romantic bedroom style. In a romantic style bedroom in pastel colors you need, linseed, frills, shabby chic furniture a …. Chairs, mirrors, chests are also very suitable.




A more optimized bedroom. Avoid in this case a bedroom in which pieces of decor to be too present. A few simple items such as a lamp foot or colored linens are those that will optimize room. A mirror will come with a touch of elegance and will increase room.

One bedroom Scandinavian style. To decorate the bedroom in this style, you do not need many things- white furniture with a wooden floor in light shades that come with elegance and natural room.



The mixture of styles can he be very interesant- wood and metal will provide the best value in modern bedroom.

If you choose to decorate your bedroom into a more classic style, with bed, bedside tables and chests full of class, you can be more daring in terms carpet. Classical forms, extraordinary and vivid colors have a very interesting air.

Black, white and rosul- here is a winning combination for a bedroom. You will be in a good mood every time you get here. And lots of colorful pillows will not only come with a touch of color but will add extra comfort room.

But you need and a good dose of vitamin to your bedroom. Orange with rattan will look great in your own bedroom. Padded headboard is also very trendy. Along with white and gray tones will look best. Couch and fireplace are also a must have for the bedroom.

The wood for a cozy bedroom. To be more pleasant, the bedroom should not be neither too light nor too colorful but. Wood and white privilege must be one that will emphasize light here.



In 2017 hottest Bedroom furniture is in Forna, wicker or leather. Experts recommend to decorate your bedroom into an eclectic style, ie with a mixture of styles. Industrial furniture will look great in the bedroom for example.

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