15 ideas for decorating small bathrooms

Who has a bath too high and I had trouble with its arrangement to make a step forward! Do not give tomatoes! Make fun of trouble as I am among those who had to encompass a shower, a toilet and a sink in a tiny bathroom, taking care to keep some space and movement.
Redevelopment of small bathrooms is like a complex game of strategy: ceramic tiles should have a nice shade, but be open to Musa (not shrink and more space so small) and easy to maintain; shower must be comfortable and roomy enough for all household members, but small enough to not take up the entire bathroom. I say toilet or sink? If you recognize the above scenario and therefore postpone the renovation of the bathroom, although you know very well that would not spoil a new look, I invite you to look at the gallery below, where we gathered 15 images with small bathrooms, furnished according latest trends in design. You will see that each of them seems spacious and comfortable although it is equipped with all sanitary-specific bathrooms. I liked a lot and bathrooms finished in darker shades, which does not bother at all, as you can see and you, and that grace other tricks used in their arrangement.
Of all, my favorite trick is Turkish shower, ie without the acrylic tub with drain directly into the floor. Lack glass partition creates a feeling of expanded space. You will say that this solution involves spraying the walls of the bathroom. That’s how it is. But if you choose a tile floor and a mat in light colors (yellow, beige, lime etc.), which remain unblemished surface after drying, you will see that water drops will not pick on you so much. Another trick recommended by designers is installing a large mirror in order to visually enlarge the space. Besides the mirror over the sink, you can also mount one and inside the shower or over the bathtub.
Do not forget the importance of lighting. A dark room will seem much smaller than it actually is. You can install a light fixture above the mirror on the ceiling and one for local lighting. Another problem we face is often in small bathrooms lack of storage space. We all need places to store the towels, cosmetics and all sorts of objects penteu personal hygiene. The better we can organize all the above, the bathroom will seem more spacious. Therefore, we can use another effective trick: we choose shelves and shelves that we mounted on walls, gaining space at floor level.
More ideas for small bathrooms arranging find in the images below. Which one do you like most? My favorite is the bathroom in shades of brown and beige bathrooms with shower, sink and tiles plated copper.

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